R. Leah O’Shell is a combination of a Business Process Consultant, Software Engineer, Product / Project Manager, Developer, Systems Analyst, and Information Architect. O’Shell started Aeon Media 2004 after completing a BA in Communications at William Paterson University.

Aeon Media LLC expanded to Aeon Development Group in 2010. O’Shell serves as CEO of Aeon Development Group, where she is lead engineer for both ConnexAeon and Flow Aeon platforms and is an active engineer on LMX Systems. Her focus is entirely on software engineering for Aeon Development Group, and product engineering for different divisions of Aeon.

A few years ago, I wrote a book. I thought that the name Alex Steele would be a better, cooler name for selling books. Well, maybe that is so and maybe it is not. Its fun having a pseudonym until you write the explanation and read it back to yourself. Here are some of the certifications I earned from CA. The PDF link is for my resumé and if you click on the geometric icon it takes you to my Codecademy Profile, where I have around 370 or so badges. 

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